Roving Interactive Magic
Mike engages your guests up-close with clean, hilarious, and amazing
magic & mind trickery. This includes magic with cards, balls, coins, fire,
napkins, money, rings, and even borrowed items. Mike started his career as a
close-up magician and is now considered one of Australia’s best.

Comedy Magic/Mentalism Show
Mike’s hilarious feature show combines mind-blowing magic, cutting-edge
mind trickery, and side-splitting comedy. It’s clean, interactive, modern
and memorable making it the topic of conversation long after the event. It’s not your average “cheesy” magic show, as it includes the use of psychology, predictions, and mind reading that will have guests in awe. A guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Comedy Hypnosis Show
Mike’s comedy hypnosis show sees members of the audience becoming the true
stars of the stage… saying and doing things they would never otherwise do.
It’s all REAL and must be seen to be believed! Minimum show length is 60mins
and ideal for audiences over 100 people who are interested in
an unbelievable, hilarious and unforgettable night!